Advantages of 1300 Numbers For Your Business

1300 numbers are nothing but the local phone numbers, but they are not limited to any geographical location, which means if you want to move your business, you can move along with your number. In last few years, 1300 have become so popular the more and more businesses are taking advantage of Simple Telecom.

Many businesses like to have these numbers to their landlines for many good reasons. Regardless of the size of your business, a 1300 number service will work in your favor.

They are affordable and portable

If you have a landline number, then you know the restrictions when it comes to geography. But with 1300 numbers you can continue using the same number throughout the country. They are local numbers which mean that the charges will be according to local rates as long as they are used in the same country.

Many service providers will provide you with the basic plans, which are very much affordable when compared with other options. Getting is comparatively very inexpensive, making them perfect for any size of business. You only have to get one number regardless of the size of your business or company, thus if you have a small business, you can still get benefits from 1300 numbers. The variety of calling features makes them unique. The numbers can be redirected to a single point of answering such as a landline or a mobile number.

Easy numbers to remember

Numbers provides by 1300 service providers are very easy to remember, and your clients will not have a hard time recalling them. There are many numbers to choose from with majority of them having a string which is easy. They include names, number patterns or some phone words. This is helpful in marketing campaigns of your company.